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Dental Christmas Survival Guide

The holiday season is under-way and now more than ever we are tempted by chocolate sweets and bubbly treats that at this time of year are difficult to resist and avoid. But there are some things you can do this Christmas time to minimise the risk of dental decay in the New Year with our Dental Christmas Survival Guide. 1... read more
tongue piercing

Oral Piercing Risks

Are you considering a tongue or lip piercing? Are you aware of oral piercing risks? Oral Piercings of the lip and tongue can be a symbol of self expression with young adults. While it may be the 'trend' or 'cool',  tongue and other oral piercing can affect your teeth and gums. Before getting a piercing, be sure that you a... read more

Tooth Sensitivity: getting to the root of the problem

Tooth sensitivity affects many Australians. It can be an unpleasant experience when cold or sweet foods and drinks are consumed which can lead to avoidance and displeasure of certain foods and beverages. If you wince or have reactions while brushing or consuming cold items such a ice-cold water, you may be suffering from se... read more
children's dentistry

Tips on how to care for your Toddlers Dental Health

Caring for your toddlers dental health can be difficult. They are starting to become independent, wanting to brush on their own and 'NO' tends to become a word of choice. They also start to become aware of tastes and sugary treats can become of object of shopping trolley tantrums and a reward for good behaviour and even br... read more

Invisalign- the ‘Invisible Braces’

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment which helps straighten teeth without the brackets and wire of conventional braces.   Dentalspa Geelong is excited to offer Invisalign to our clients to help them achieve optimal smile and confidence. Invisalign cases are selected on an individual basis, with an orthodontic ... read more
Family with great teeth

Diabetes and dental health

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high. People with poorly controlled diabetes are more susceptible to infection and don’t heal as fast or effectively as people with very well controlled diabetes or people without the condition. There are a few ways you can help ... read more
Children's toothbrushes

How to prevent dental decay in children

Dental decay is one of the most chronic childhood diseases - left untreated it can cause pain, infections and abcesses. Poor dental health early on is more likely to lead to poor dental health later in life. Dental hygiene and good health is vital for overall health and wellbeing. Fortunately, there are a number of pr... read more
Stress down day banner

Stress Down Day at Dentalspa

Stress can place a lot of strain on all areas of our lives. But have you considered what it could mean for your oral health? During periods of stress, the body’s immune system is compromised, which means it cannot work as effectively to fight off infections. This leaves you more prone to getting run down and sick, whic... read more
Diabetes awareness

Diabetes Awareness Week 14th- 20th July, 2013

The Australian Diabetes Council has indicated that 3.6 million Australians and 366 million people worldwide are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes(1)!  So what is diabetes exactly and how does it relate to Oral health? Diabetes is a chronic disease, whereby the body is unable to produce an adequate su... read more
Toothbrush demo

Set your children up for school holidays in Geelong!

Oral care and hygiene is very important in childhood in order to maintain and develop healthy teeth and gums, and just as important is to establish a positive approach to visiting the dentist. Dentalspa is a Geelong dentist dedicated to childrens dentistry and them having a positive experience at the dentist. You can co... read more