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New Patient Experience

Welcome to Dentalspa, thank you for entrusting your dental care to our professional team.

We will discuss and provide you with options that you may choose for optimum results for the long-term stability of your teeth and bite. We will also provide you with an assessment and treatment options for the long-term health and stability of the supporting structure of your teeth being bone and gum tissue.

We welcome you to your visit with your treating dentist, who will after the completion of a thorough examination, take x-rays and photographic records to establish that there is no underlying pathology evident and to plan with you your treatment options so that you can achieve your best dental health and cosmetic goals.

We also welcome you to your first visit to our professional hygiene department where your gum and bone health and oral hygiene habits will be assessed. It is our intention that you maintain your teeth in a healthy, functional state with the least amount of restorative treatment, emphasizing and helping you develop preventive habits that we know will prevent dental breakdown and also give you the best outcome for any dental treatment that you may require.

Regular dental care and regular hygiene visits will help reduce the amount of dental treatment required.

For children in our hygiene and preventive care program we will work with the children to achieve our ultimate goal for them, that they never experience tooth cutting procedures, it’s a very achievable goal and we are committed to achieving this for all our patients.

Call our friendly team on (03) 5223 1555.