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The effect of stress on your oral health

There is no doubt that we have all been experiencing higher levels of stress throughout 2020. Stress can contribute to a multitude of health conditions and chronic disease. But did you know that stress can also negatively influence your oral health? Over the recent months we have been seeing some of these conditions ca... read more

How orthodontic treatment is changing

When we were younger it seemed the only time somebody got braces or orthodontic treatment was when they were teenagers and had all their adult teeth, right? Well as dentistry and orthodontics progress, so has the way we treat some alignment conditions. When should my child first have a consultation? We like to mo... read more

Keeping your mouth healthy through the pandemic

As we wait each day to be advised on our immediate future, there is a sense of loss of control and routine in our daily lives. Through this time, it is important to ensure that all your needs are being met for both your physical and mental well-being. Maintaining a healthy mouth is included in these needs. Continue Bru... read more

Flossing everyday

There are two types of people in this world, flossers and non-flossers. Often at your dental appointments we will discuss your oral hygiene routine and encourage you to floss. There are some misconceptions out there on flossing and we are here to clear them all up. Flossing makes your gums bleed People can often... read more

Electric vs. Manual tooth brushing

We get asked on a daily basis if we think an electric toothbrush is better than a manual, and the simple answer is yes. These findings come from not only strong research/ studies in the matter but also personal experiences as dental professionals.  plaque removal The aim of the game when it comes to brushin... read more

Our best tips for Invisalign

When you initially commit to Invisalign, the process may seem overwhelming. Your first few appointments and aligner changes can often be uncomfortable and tight. Rest assured that once you have established a routine of when to remove your aligners, eat and brush, slowly things will get better. We find that after about two ... read more

What is plaque?

When you visit the dentist we will always discuss your plaque and calculus retention, however what actually is plaque and why should we care so much about it? We should start with the fact that plaque is completely normal and occurs in everybody’s mouth (even dentists). It is plaque management through your oral h... read more

How to prepare your child for their first check-up

Many parents are unsure of when their child’s first dental check-up should be. Here at Dentalspa we generally start seeing children from 2 years old and find we can start to do more than a check from 3 onward. Of course we will see children from any age, particularly if there is an area of concern or trauma.  Introd... read more

Stress and the impact your teeth

Stress is something which effects everyone at different points in life. Stress however is not to be taken lightly and over time can have a serious impact on our health and well-being. Many people are unaware of the ways in which stress may also damage our oral health. During time of stress we are more likely to experie... read more

Be kind to your teeth- what causes damage?

Sometimes it can be difficult maintaining balance in all aspects of our lives. This is even true of our mouths and sometimes unconscious habits can cause us damage. The most common issues which damage our oral health include;  Tooth decayGum disease Erosion TraumaGrinding tooth decay Tooth decay ... read more