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Cosmetic dentistry and achieving your best smile

Most people come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smile. Teeth are individual to each person so the treatment they need is also unique to that individual. At Dentalspa we have clinicians who have distinctive skills in different fields of dentistry. So to achieve your desired cosmetic result, may find you see... read more

The risk of online dentistry

The risk of online dentistry With the power of technology we now have access to more information and products than ever before. The internet and world of social media has made self-image and cosmetic treatments even more popular.  With the rise of modern dental techniques there has also been an increase of DIY dent... read more

The most common causes of tooth stain

What we find here at Dentalspa that what  most of our clients want is white teeth. In our hygiene department we not only deal with whitening your teeth but also stain removal. If you wish to maintain your pearly whites or reduce your stain build up you can start by taking a look at what the causes may be. We like to live b... read more

Pregnancy and dental health

There are so many changes occurring in your body during pregnancy and your teeth, gums and mouth can also feel these affects. Changes in your gums are generally noticed around the 2 month mark. At this time you might start to notice that your gums begin to bleed more easily during brushing and flossing, this conditio... read more

How to check your mouthguard

With a lot of sports seasons beginning after the April school holidays, if you haven’t already, it is time to check your mouth guard- if you have one. If it doesn’t fit right, it will not be protecting your mouths greatest asset- your teeth.  If the thought of having a chipped or broken front tooth, or no front teeth ... read more

It started out with a Kiss!

It started out with a Kiss With Valentine’s Day here upon us we are all feeling the love in the air. However do you ever think about what you may be kissing? Kissing can provide many health benefits and can be pretty fun, but sometimes it can also result in the spread of bacteria and viruses. The sharing of sa... read more

What to do in Dental Emergency

What to do in Dental Emergency Dental emergencies can often be a difficult time as they are something we can never be quite prepared for. The most important thing to do in any dental emergency is to remain calm. By remaining calm you are able to reduce your risk of making any mistakes or making a situation more emotionally... read more

Gum Recession?

Gum Recession? Many people experience gum recession which may affect the appearance of your smile and often results in tooth sensitivity. There may be many reasons as to why Gum recession occurs however there are steps we can take to avoid its progression and severity. It used to be the thought that gum recession was a... read more

Healthy habits and reducing sugar

Healthy habits and reducing sugar We’ve all heard it from such a young age; ‘Sugar will ruin your teeth.’ However as adults how many of us practice this in our everyday day lives? As our diet becomes increasingly processed and convenient to fit into our busy lives it can be hard to determine how much our sugar ... read more

Oral cancer Awareness

Most of us are aware of cancer and its effects on various regions of the body. However, do we ever stop and think how cancer can occur in the mouth? Oral cancer can be potentially fatal and the World Health Organisation has stated that it is the eleventh most prevalent cancer in the world. Oral cancer can present in many... read more