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Healthy habits and reducing sugar

Healthy habits and reducing sugar We’ve all heard it from such a young age; ‘Sugar will ruin your teeth.’ However as adults how many of us practice this in our everyday day lives? As our diet becomes increasingly processed and convenient to fit into our busy lives it can be hard to determine how much our sugar ... read more

Oral cancer Awareness

Most of us are aware of cancer and its effects on various regions of the body. However, do we ever stop and think how cancer can occur in the mouth? Oral cancer can be potentially fatal and the World Health Organisation has stated that it is the eleventh most prevalent cancer in the world. Oral cancer can present in many... read more

Oral Health for Busy Lives

Oral Health for Busy Lives While we understand more of us are getting increasingly time poor, it is important to still make time for your dental and oral health. It is just as important to care for your teeth and gums just as much as any other aspect of our lives. The Basics Essentially we want everyone to focus on getti... read more

Gum health and your Heart – How are they linked?

Gum health and your Heart As dental professionals we are well aware that your oral health can often be a window to your overall health. Health professionals have known for quite some time that there is a link between gum disease and heart disease. We also know that those who suffer from diabetes are often at a higher risk ... read more

The causes of toothache

No one likes a toothache A toothache is one of the most common reasons that people attend the Dentist. At the best of times a toothache may be a slight niggle or at its worst it can be an excruciating pain which cannot be relieved. Obviously as dental professionals we aim to avoid any tooth pain altogether, however we ... read more

Dental fear and phobias

Dental Phobia The fear of the dentist or dental treatment is a common problem which we encounter on a daily basis. We want you to know that for us, managing dental fear is perfectly OK. Anxiety and fear of the dentist has been around as long as the practice of dentistry so it essentially is part of what we do. It is es... read more

The latest dental trends: Oil pulling and Activated Charcoal

Oil pulling and Activated Charcoal Have you heard of coconut oil pulling or activated charcoal for your mouth? This latest trend that keeps popping up all over our social media feed. We are also being asked on a regular basis by many of our patients and friends if it really works. These alternative oral hygiene produ... read more

Your Dentist vs Hygienist- What is the difference?

Preventative Care at Dentalspa with the hygienist At Dentalspa we have a team dedicated to help our clients maintain a healthy smile for life. This team is made up Dental hygienists and Oral health therapists who work alongside our Dentists to provide a team approach to your dental care. What is a Dental hygienist/Oral h... read more

Making your dental treatment easier- intraoral 3D scanner

Did you know the latest technology in dental treatment is now available here at Dentalspa? We are now able to use an intraoral 3D scanner to create a digital record and replica of your mouth. This technology can be used in a variety of formats for your treatment options and can eliminate the need for dental impressions. W... read more

Straightening your teeth- Invisalign or Braces

Straightening your teeth at Dentalspa Here at Dentalspa your dental concerns are important to us and we are happy to offer various options to address them. One of the many growing services we provide is alignment of the teeth. Alignment is used in order to better improve function and aesthetics to your smile.  Movemen... read more