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Pregnancy and dental health

There are so many changes occurring in your body during pregnancy and your teeth, gums and mouth can also feel these affects. Changes in your gums are generally noticed around the 2 month mark.

At this time you might start to notice that your gums begin to bleed more easily during brushing and flossing, this condition is known as ‘Pregnancy Gingivitis’. The condition is often temporary however it can lead to the weakening of the connective tissues that keep your teeth in place. The key is not to ignore it and continue with good oral hygiene practices.

The gums can sometimes even develop what is known as a pregnancy tumor (pyogenic granulomas). There is no need to worry as these are harmless and tend to appear either in between or along the gum line. They will go away once bub is born.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to pregnancy and your dental health is morning sickness. Vomiting during morning sickness can have an erosive effect on your teeth. Most women are tempted to brush their teeth straight after vomiting however this can strip away enamel.

In order to protect the strength of your teeth we suggest trying to rinse with warm water, chew sugar free gum or eat acid-neutralizing food such as milk or cheese. You will then be fine to brush your teeth after an hour.

Cravings are a fact of life when it comes to your pregnancy. If you are craving sweet things try to avoid excess amounts of sugar as this can increase your chances of decay. Aim towards natural sugars in fresh fruits over confectionery.

Xerostomia which means reduction in saliva flow can happen to some women as well. This may be a problem as saliva helps to reduce plaque and bacterial growth, this in turn can increase your chances of dental decay.

We are here to help!

Basically ladies please don’t be concerned about how your pregnancy will affect your dental visits as the last thing you want to do is avoid the dentist during pregnancy.

We will avoid taking x-rays (unless it’s an emergency) and ask you to avoid teeth whitening through your pregnancy too. Local anesthetic is deemed safe to use throughout your pregnancy and it’s super important to maintain your routine hygiene appointments as well.

We want you to remain comfortable and relaxed at your appointments so dress for comfort, we really don’t mind. If you need a pillow we will have one on hand ready to go.

We know everything maybe a bit overwhelming for you at this time just remember you’re doing great. Keep up that brushing, flossing and check-ups with us and you’ll be just fine.

If you have any further questions just ask and we will be happy to help.


Ashleigh Lilly

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