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Dental Crowns Geelong

A dental crown is a restoration which is constructed by a dental technician and encases the entirety of the tooth. A crown can often be referred as a Cap/Helmet for the tooth which provides added structure and support. A dental crown is extremely strong and therefore indicated to provide added strength to a weakened tooth.

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Crowns can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, porcelain fused metal or ceramic. After examination and consultation the dentist can determine the best material required for your individual treatment needs.

The indications for which a crown would be recommended by our clinicians include;

  • Protect a weakened tooth which is likely to fracture
  • Restore a tooth where a significant fracture has occurred
  • Teeth with large fillings and little tooth structure remaining
  • Provide added support and strength to a root canal treated tooth
  • Placed over the top of an implant to provide the tooth replacement
  • Address aesthetic concerns as they can improve appearance, shape and alignment of the teeth

Crown placement generally takes place over a series of 2 appointments. The first appointment requires the tooth to be prepared and impressions taken for the crown construction. A temporary crown is then placed in the meantime while your crown is being made. The second appointment is when your new crown is placed adequate fit ensured.

Dentalspa Geelong uses a wide range of technology for our restorative dentistry, ensuring our patients receive the best possible treatment outcome.

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