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The most common causes of tooth stain

What we find here at Dentalspa that what  most of our clients want is white teeth. In our hygiene department we not only deal with whitening your teeth but also stain removal. If you wish to maintain your pearly whites or reduce your stain build up you can start by taking a look at what the causes may be. We like to live by the rule ‘If it can stain your clothes, it can stain your teeth’.


We all know this one- COFFEE, TEA, RED WINE, SOFT DRINKS are the most common liquids that stain our teeth. Some (or most) days these drinks can be unavoidable especially for the coffee lovers out there. If this sounds like you then there are a few helpful things you can do to reduce the stains they cause.

  • If possible drink through a straw (think environmentally friendly) to avoid contact with your teeth.
  • Drink a lot of water through the day and swish water throughout your mouth after a drink that may stain.
  • Avoid sipping on these high staining drinks for long periods throughout the day.


The darker the food the more potential it has to stain your teeth. Foods with high staining properties include mustards, curry, sauces, beetroot, turmeric, blueberries and raspberries. When you have consumed these types of foods we suggest that you brush and floss afterward to avoid food particles remaining on the tooth surface. Some tooth/ stain friendly snacks include lots of raw veggies like carrots, cucumber and celery. They contain fibre and stimulate saliva, which combine to help keep the teeth clean and reduce staining. Another option is sugar free gum which is also a saliva stimulant and a good go to when you can’t access your toothbrush.



This one should be an obvious one, as there are many many risk factors in smoking or any other form of tobacco use.  We will spare you the lecture but please be aware that smoking will cause heavy nicotine and tar staining on the tooth surface which can permanently stain your teeth and make them appear yellow or brown. Protect that smile and your overall health by avoiding tobacco use and smoking all together.


If staining is an issue for you, consider these factors if you wish to maintain a stain free smile. These are also helpful for those who wish to maintain their professional tooth whitening results for a longer period of time. While our biggest concerns here at Dentalspa is making sure your smile is at its healthiest, we are also happy to help with your whitening and stain removal needs.



By Ashleigh Lilly

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