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Gum Recession?

Gum Recession?

Many people experience gum recession which may affect the appearance of your smile and often results in tooth sensitivity. There may be many reasons as to why Gum recession occurs however there are steps we can take to avoid its progression and severity.

It used to be the thought that gum recession was a result of old age (as the expression goes- Becoming Long in the tooth) however now we know it’s not quite the case.

Causes of gum recession

  • Aggressive brushing
  • Gum/ Periodontal disease
  • Trauma to the gum tissue
  • Grinding / Bruxism
  • Poor oral health
  • Tooth alignment

Aggressive brushing

The aim of tooth brushing is to remove the soft plaque deposits which have built up throughout the day or night on your teeth. While we admire those who are enthusiastic about their oral health remember to be gentle as brushing is not meant to hurt. Always use a to

oth brush labelled soft or extra soft as any harder can result in damage to the gum and also tooth surface. Use a soft circular motion for your technique and avoid SCRUBBING! Electric Toothbrushes are great for avoiding aggressive brushing

Gum disease

Gum disease may lead to recession of the tooth as chronic inflammation can result in destruction of the soft tissues, periodontal ligaments and bone. This process may leave the roots of your teeth exposed depending on the severity of the condition. Often we can manage your gum health with professional cleaning and adequate home care so that your recession is able stabilize. In some cases we may refer you to a gum specialist to help us in this process.

Trauma and tooth alignment

Trauma to the gum can happen in many ways including Injury, Habits or Oral piercings. We find that oral piercings can result in frequent irritation and damage to the gum causing the gum in that area to recede away.

When teeth are  it can make them more difficult to keep clean with more areas for bacteria to gather. Also when there are teeth that are more prominent than the others often abrasion and wear occurs through aggressive tooth brushing.



If you are showing signs of gum recession the good news is we can work together with you to address it. We may need to looking at your cleaning habits, discuss a mouth guard or splint, or look into a different type of toothbrush. Recession which has progressed a bit further once we have determined the source, may require some intervention by a periodontist (gum specialist).

Taking care of your oral health and gums is very important so please contact us at Dentalspa Geelong to address any of your concerns.

By Ashleigh Lilly

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