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Our best tips for Invisalign

When you initially commit to Invisalign, the process may seem overwhelming. Your first few appointments and aligner changes can often be uncomfortable and tight. Rest assured that once you have established a routine of when to remove your aligners, eat and brush, slowly things will get better. We find that after about two months into treatment, most people are really comfortable with their routine. So we’ve created a list of our best tips that will help make your Invisalign experience a simple and easy transition into your life.

Be discreet with removal of your Invisalign.

Removing your trays discreetly is one that takes practice and often is not a glamorous task. If you are not in the privacy of your own home it might be best to remove in a bathroom or find a private area to do so.

Clean while you eat.

Let’s be honest your aligners can get gross at times. Invisalign aligners are not worn while eating and therefore the perfect time to make them fresh again is while you’re enjoying a meal. Soak them while you’re eating, then brush the trays and your teeth after eating is a great routine to keep your aligners fresh.

Keep a travel toothbrush set in your bag at all times.

You never know if a moment strikes where your teeth or aligners may require an emergency clean. You will never regret being prepared.

Always store your Invisalign in their case.

Just like your phone, take a case with you everywhere. We have had many times where aligners have been thrown out due to being wrapped in tissue or paper towel. Also if your aligners are left loose there is potential they could break or bend. We will give you an Invisalign storage case and have had patients order extras online to have on hand.

Use Whitefoam.

Due to the constant wearing of aligners your teeth and attachments are more likely to stain and discolour. Whitefoam is designed to clean your aligners as well as whiten your teeth (even under attachments). We find Whitefoam helps to eliminate stains and also keep your aligners fresh. We have it available to purchase here at Dentalspa.

Ladies avoid the lippy.

Unfortunately we find that lipstick tends to stick to your aligners. If you can’t get through your day without lipstick try and find a long lasting matte. Another option is lip balm or neutral shade gloss. For a special occasion go for a dramatic eye makeup look to draw attention away from your lips.

Change your Invisalign at night.

Changing your aligner each week can often be dreaded due to the discomfort. We suggest changing them at night time before bed.  This will allow you to get a solid 8 hours of wear through your sleep and time for your teeth to settle into the new aligner.

Drink lots of water!

Unfortunately your aligners will not allow you to sip all day on tea and coffee. The best thing for your health and teeth will be plenty of water throughout the day. Water will also help keep your aligners fresh through those periods between meals and cleaning.   

Avoid foods that will stain.

The attachments placed on your teeth can stain very easily. We’d suggest limiting high staining foods and drinks as much as possible. This includes red wine, turmeric, berries, tea and coffee. If you are a tea and coffee lover always have milk in your drink to reduce their stain potential. Also never consume anything but water while you have your aligners in.

Hold on to your old trays.

If in the chance an aligner goes missing, we will always get you to go back to your previous set. By wearing an old aligner, you prevent your teeth from shifting back or regressing in your treatment.

Plan your meals.

As we want you to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day it’s best to always be prepared. Try and plan 3 larger meals through the day to reduce the temptation for you to snack or feel hungry.

Use your munchies.

Munchies are an enhancement device designed to maximise the fit, effectiveness and pain relief throughout your Invisalign treatment. They ensure your aligner fits as close as possible and minimise the likelihood of refinements or adjustments to your treatment plan. Our clinicians will prescribe the best type of munchie for your individual needs throughout your treatment.

If you are interested in starting the journey, Dentalspa are now platinum providers for Invisalign. Contact us for a free Invisalign consultation with either of these clinicians to achieve your dream smile.

By Ashleigh Lilly

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