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How to prevent dental decay in children

Dental decay is one of the most chronic childhood diseases – left untreated it can cause pain, infections and abcesses.

Poor dental health early on is more likely to lead to poor dental health later in life. Dental hygiene and good health is vital for overall health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, there are a number of preventative measures you can take to improve your child’s dental health and reduce their chance of dental decay.

Here are some simple tips to help prevent dental decay in children:

  • Start brushing your child’s teeth from when their very first tooth comes through! Make sure you use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste specifically made for babies/toddlers/young children.
  • Brush twice daily and use dental floss – if getting your child to brush twice daily is a struggle, play their favourite song so they have positive associations with brushing their teeth (in which case they are more likely to do it!).
  • Regular visits to your dentist – we recommend a child’s first visit at three years of age. Even if it is just to sit in the chair and meet the dentist – it will familiarise them with the experience before their first proper check-up.
  • Limit sugary soft drinks, juices and foods such as lollies, chocolate, biscuits and other packaged or fast foods.
Children's toothbrushes

Help your child/children develop good dental habits early on and set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth!

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