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Knowing Your Dental Options – Root Canal, Crown & Implants

Here at Dentalspa we take a conservative approach to dentistry with the aim to avoid tooth loss and keep your smile happy and healthy throughout your lifetime. Sometimes our Dentist’ will recommend treatments in order to extend the longevity of your tooth with the aim of maintaining lifelong oral health and reduce the amo... read more

Chilwell Primary School Food Fair 2016

Dentalspa Geelong loves to be an active member within our local community, with many events planned throughout the year we were able to get started once again. On Friday on the 18th of March 2016 we were delighted once again to participate at the Chilwell primary annual Food fair. Dentalspa was very happy to be a Bronze sp... read more
Casey O'Brien

Casey’s Invisalign Treatment Complete

It’s hard to believe that Casey’s Invisalign treatment is now complete and she is very happy with the result. With her lower arch treatment complete in November 2015 it took just a few months and some final movements to complete the upper arch. The initial concern for Casey’s Invisalign treatment was her front tooth t... read more
Casey O'Brien

Casey’s Invisalign treatment- part 3

It is time to check in with Casey's Invisalign treatment and her progress. It is hard to believe that Casey is now just 2 months away from complete her active phase of treatment. Casey has had some exciting progress over the past month, with treatment for the lower arch complete! Casey herself was surprised at the differenc... read more

Tooth Grinding

Bruxism, commonly known as the clenching and/or tooth grinding of the teeth can affect all ages, from children to adults and is becoming more prominent. The clenching and grinding of teeth often occurs without the person even realising they are doing it, and can occur both during the day and most commonly at night. Clenchin... read more

Sports drinks and your teeth

This week is Dental health Week and this years focus is on Sports drinks and your teeth. Today sports, health and exercise are hot topics and while keeping fit and exercising is fantastic for general and mental health, it can impose a threat to your dental health. With the rapid rise to popularity of sports and energy drink... read more
Casey O'Brien

Casey’s Invisalign Treatment- Part 2

Casey is almost 4 months into her Invisalign treatment and we can start to see some subtle but exciting changes to her teeth position. Highlighted on her progress photos we can see that her front tooth that was pushed back and was the main concern Casey had before the start of Invisalign has moved forward slightly and the l... read more

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a growing area of concern in dentistry, particularly with older adults. The National Survey of adult Oral Health in 2004-2006 looked at all areas of dental disease in Australia and found that 22.9% of adult Australians had moderate to severe gum disease or periodontitis, with more than half Australia adults o... read more
Casey O'Brien

Casey’s Invisalign Treatment

Dentalspa Geelong receptionist Casey has begun her Invisalign treatment recently and will be sharing with you her experience through blogs and videos to give you an inside view on what Invisalign treatment involves and helps those currently undergoing Invisalign with some tips and tricks to help you through your own journey... read more
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Dentalspa Geelong gives back to the Geelong Community

Dental Geelong has a long history in Geelong for providing excellence in dental treatment and customer service, but Dentalspa Geelong gives back to the Geelong community. As you may not be aware we are also active within the local community where we live. In past years we have participated in the Bellarine and Geelong... read more