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Tips on how to care for your Toddlers Dental Health

Caring for your toddlers dental health can be difficult. They are starting to become independent, wanting to brush on their own and ‘NO’ tends to become a word of choice. They also start to become aware of tastes and sugary treats can become of object of shopping trolley tantrums and a reward for good behaviour and even bribery.

Brushing your toddlers teeth

Caring for your Toddler’s Dental Health. Assist with brushing at least once a day.

It is an important time to ensure proper brushing is occurring. While they have their deciduous or baby teeth that will be replaced, this doesn’t occur until 6-7 for front teeth and up to 11-12 years of age until the baby molars wobble out. Early loss of baby teeth through decay and dental disease can disrupt jaw development and increase crowding and orthodontic concerns. Preventing dental decay is key and toddlers should always be supervised during brushing with parent’s or carer’s assisting with tooth brushing.

If you are having trouble getting your toddler or young child to brush, here are some simple but effective tricks to get your children into the bathroom.

– Make tooth brushing a fun experience. Have your child pick their own toothbrush or get an electric toothbrush that sings to encourage with brushing

– Brush to a favourite song or download an app for you phone or ipad. It can make 2 minutes go in a flash (just make sure their is brushing going on, not just dancing!)

– Make brushing a game- tell your toddler or child you are on the hunt for sugar bugs. Plaque disclosing tablets from pharmacies can help reluctant brushers by showing them where the sugar bugs are hiding and teaches your child where they are missing with the toothbrush. It is a fun way for parents to check how well their child is doing.

– Let your toddler brush first under supervision and then finish the job for them. Toddlers and children do not have the dexterity to brush effectively until 8-9 years of age.

– Try brushing with a buddy. Have your child bring a different toy to brush with each day

– Try brushing their teeth on the couch- put a favourite show on and have them lay on your lap and brush their teeth while they are distracted with television program. This is also an ideal position when flossing your toddlers teeth if required. It gives you the best view to get the floss in quickly and effectively.

It is vital to start good dental routines early, to set your child up for a bright dental future. Brushing twice a day for two minutes is encouraged, with the introduction of child fluoride toothpaste at 2 years of age- before this use water and toothbrush. If the baby teeth are close together, flossing daily is ideal where possible to prevent decay’s between the teeth.

At Dentalspa Geelong, we encourage children from 2 years of age to visit the dentist to help you care for your toddlers dental health. We have fantastic dentists and dental therapist that are dedicated to children’s preventative dentistry and makes your young child’s visit to the dentist and fun and positive experience. If it is time for your toddler’s dental visit, call us on (03) 5223 1555.

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