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Back to School Dental Tips

As many parents and children get ready to head back to another school year, it is time to spare a thought to getting your teeth school ready as well. In this blog we will share with you some back to school dental tips to kick start the 2015 school year and keep you smiling all year round.

Tooth decay is still the most prevalent and chronic childhood disease but is preventable with good oral hygiene and diet. Research has shown that tooth decay and tooth pain as a result of it can contribute to 600,000 missed school days a year and can impact on education, nutrition and overall well-being.

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Back to school dental tips

While dental habits and routine can become slack over the school holidays, the start of the new school year is the perfect time for parents to encourage and reinforce good dental hygiene- from the lunch box to the bathroom.

Here are our top 5 tips for getting tooth ready this school year.

1. Organise your dental visit. If your children are due for their preventative care appointment try and it done before the start of any school term. This will reduce the stress of making appointments around school and after school activities. If you prefer after school or school holiday appointments, it is best to schedule in advance to avoid disappointments. These are our most popular appointment times and can be booked out months in advance! We encourage you to make your preventative care appointments in advance.

2. As school goes back, so does routines. This includes for your dental care. Brushing after breakfast and before bed should become second nature and flossing once a day is ideal to prevent decay. Parents can help by leading by example with their own routines. Parents should assist their children with brushing until the age of 9 when children have the dexterity to complete brushing on their own.

3. Make brushing fun! let your children choose their own toothbrush. This will make them feel involved in the process and help with motivation. Download apps to your phone or tablets- such as Macleans Nurdle Time- they are fun to use and keeps your kids brushing two minutes every time.

4. Choose tooth friendly snacks for lunch boxes. Avoid sugary, sticky or starchy foods that can contribute to tooth decay. Bit size carrot sticks, fruits, nuts, cheese and yoghurts are more tooth friendly choices than muesli bars, roll ups and chips. Email info@dentalspa.com.au for a copy of tooth friendly snacks suggestions you can use this school year.

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Get sports ready this school year.

5. Get sports ready! whether your children are playing football, basketball or soccer- any sport that has the potential to cause injury to the face should be using a mouth-guard. Be prepared and get in early to get your mouth-guard made and protect your kids smiles. More information on Mouth Guards can be found here on our website.

Education starts at home and by setting a good example with dental routines, rewarding positive dental behaviours and maintaining regular dental visits every six months, together with our friendly staff and expertise in preventative dentistry we can help keep your kids from missing a day from school due to tooth pain from decay.

For a copy of our tooth friendly snack ideas or to schedule your families preventative care appointment call our office on 03 5223 1555.

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