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5 Reasons to butt out for good and improve your oral health on World No Tobacco Day, May 31st 2013

Butt out cigaretteThe effects of smoking on health are well known and well documented.  We know the risks, with exposure in the media, and packaging millions are spent on anti-smoker campaigns about the effects on the body.  However, the effects on the oral cavity can be overlooked; oral cancer is not the only consequence to your oral health. May 31 2013 is World No Tobacco Day and Dentalspa would like to educate and focus on the benefits of stopping smoking to your Oral Health:

1) Everyone wants to look and feel their best; smoking greatly affects self-confidence and aesthetics. Nicotine staining can be severe, in some cases clients needing 3 monthly dental service visits for professional cleaning to manage and halitosis or smokers breath can make social situations difficult.

Did you know some smokers even experience hairy tongue as a result of smoking? After just 12 hours of not smoking, the teeth are no longer susceptible to nicotine staining and you’ll be a step closer to a more confident you!  (As a reward for quitting, why not treat yourself and have another reason to smile with tooth whitening)

2) Awaken your taste buds! Altered taste and smell occurs in smokers. In just 5 days after butting out, you can enjoy the benefits of exploring your favourite cuisine and fall in love all over again with enhanced taste perception.

3) Smoking has a direct correlation with Oral Cancer, with the lip and tongue high risk areas. (At Dentalspa all our patients have an Oral Cancer Screen to detect any pathology. As with all cancers, early detection is the key). Smoking cessation will help reduce the risk, by up to 50% after 5 years of successful cessation.

4) There is a substantial increase risk of gum disease occurrence in smokers, with symptoms often masked. Treatment for gum disease requires deep root planning with treatment outcomes often compromised due to delayed healing. This can lead to destruction of bone and eventual loss of teeth. The gingival tissues are more responsive to periodontal treatment if smoking habits are cessed, and it may just save the life of your teeth!

5) The healing response following dental procedures such as periodontal therapy, oral surgery and extractions is reduced and complications such as dry socket can result. Implant placement and/or longevity are also questionable and limited treatment options in some cases.

It often takes more than one quit attempt to succeed. We offer all our clients support in their quit attempt and remember, each quit attempt is one step closer to butting out for good and enjoying the benefits of a healthier and more confident you.

Contact us at Dentalspa if we can be of any assistance with your teeth health care – we offer a number of general dental treatments in Geelong.

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